Over the past 3 years Cake Maternity has successfully developed a range of flexi-wire bras for pregnant and breastfeeding women in a size range 10C-18H(AU) or 32C-40K(US).

The flexible wire bra is made from a thin gage of wire that allows it to move and flex on the body. The wires used traditionally in a mainstream bra are much more ridged and tend not to move, this is why a lot of women find wired bras uncomfortable.


When can I wear a flexible wire bra?

There are a lot of myths around wearing a flexi-wire bra during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. One common myth is that it can cause mastitis. The truth is that any bra wired or non-wired that restricts can cause mastitis. Mastitis is caused from pressure and or restriction on the breast and is an infection that develops in the milk ducts.

To avoid conditions such as mastitis, it is our recommendation that you wear a seamless bra for the first 3 months of pregnancy and the first 8 weeks post birth. This is a time of rapid breast growth. A seamless nursing bra will stretch and change with your body as it learns to regulate its milk supply.

A flexible wire bra is a wonderful option after the first trimester of pregnancy and after the first 8 weeks post birth or when your body has learnt to regulate the milk supply needed for your baby. A flexi-wire bra will offer the wearer added support, great shape, lift and comfort.

Cake Lingerie offers an extensive range of flexible wired bra. Product ranges from basic T-shirt bras, contour to fashion options.


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