When should I avoid a flexi-wire bra?

It is my recommendation that you avoid wearing a flexi-wire bra for the first 8 weeks post birth. This is when your breast size is changing dramatically due to the introduction of a milk supply.

The sudden influx of milk into the breast will result in a dramatic change in your breast size to start (some women could experience an increase of up to 2 cup sizes between feeds as the milk supply regenerates). It can take up to 8 weeks for a women’s body to learn to regulate the milk supply needed for her baby.

A cupped sized bra is not ideal during this time as it can restrict the breast, this can be very uncomfortable and saw. It is my recommendation that you invest in some good seamless bras as they will expand and contract with your changing breast size.

When should I wear a flexi-wire bra?

At about 8 weeks post birth a flexi-wire nursing bra is a great option. A flexi-wire bra will give the wearer a beautiful shape, extra lift and increased support. A flexible wired bra is particularly good for a larger bust.

Getting a great fit with a flexi-wire bra:

  • Visit your favourite lingerie boutique to get professionally fitted.
  • The flexible wire should sit neatly under and around the breast tissue. it should not dig in or feel uncomfortable.
  • Your breast should be sitting comfortably inside the cup of the bra. No tissue should be spilling out the top or sides of the bra. nor should the cups have puckering or wrinkles.
  • The back band should sit firmly parcel across your back. It should be comfortable and not rid up or dig into your back tissue.
  • The flexible wire should help draw the centre front of the bra into the chest bone. However, because the wire is much softer than a rigid wire found in mainstream bras, the centre front will not sit flush against the chest bone.

In conclusion, flexible wired bras are fantastic if worn during the correct periods and fitted correctly.

Flexi-wire maternity bras

1. Dark Chocolate Underwire Nursing Bra – Beautiful detail balcony styled nursing bra. Available in 32C to 40J.
2. Toffee Contour Flexible Wired Nursing Bra – Floral print inner cup lining. Convertible bra straps, with spare strap included.
3. Ginger Macaroon Underwire Nursing Bra – A divine burnt orange fabric accented with a luxurious Moroccan styled lace.




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