Cake Maternity recommends your nursing bras be purchased about a month or so prior to your baby being born. Cake suggests a seamless nursing bras to start (about the 1st month), as your bust will fluctuate wildly as your body tries to regulate its flow of milk. Typically sized XS-XXL, they will accommodate your changing bust. The soft-cup or t-shirt bras, with or without flexible wire will be ideally suited about 4-6 weeks post birth when your bust fluctuations have somewhat stabilised. The Cake Nursing bras are ideal post birth, with each one fulfilling a specific purpose.

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Our range of nursing bras

Cake designs and stocks one of the most comprehensive range of nursing bras in the world. From seamless, contour, spacer, wire, non-wire, fuller figure, plunge, balcony, fuller coverage, sports & sleep bras, we’ve got your every need covered. It is extremely important to be wearing a nursing bra whilst breastfeeding to protect yourself from long term damage and to provide much-needed comfort.


What to look for in a good nursing bra

The features of a good nursing bra include, additional support for your fuller bust which can be approximately 35% heavier, side support to avoid flattening of the bust which can lead to ligament damage, non-restrictive, a wider set frame to avoid pressure on the milk ducts, cotton lining for comfort and breathability, six hooks and eyes for room to reduce as your rib cage contracts & one hand drop down clips for easy nursing.


How many nursing bras do I need

We recommend a minimum of 3 nursing bras - one on, one in the wash and one available to wear as needed. It is common that your nursing bra will get wet from excess milk flow & hence a good set of nursing pads is always recommended. There is a lot of love, care and attention gone into each Cake nursing bra. We stand by the quality & fit of our bras to ensure you have all the care & protection you’ll need.


Finding Your Best Fitting Bra

80% of the bra support comes from the band. The bra frame is like the anchor to a good fit. The bra frame when worn should be snug and parallel to the ground. This will ensure maximum support to your bust, whilst the straps nearly act as the anchor points to the bra.


Your bra cup should feel like a second skin and shouldn’t be wrinkled or cut into your breast tissue in any way. The wire frame of each cup should sit neatly under and around your breast tissue without cutting in. If one of your breasts is bigger than the other, consider the bigger cup size, whilst placing a padded cup into the smaller side.


Every style and brand of bra will fit slightly different. It is important to try your bra on if you have the opportunity, get fitted for an expert bra fitter in a lingerie or maternity store.