Non-Wire Bras

Our range of non-wire nursing bras has been specifically designed for comfort and support. With internalised seams, cotton lining, 6 hook & eye closures for ribcage expansion and many more features, every care is taken to deliver luxurious comfort and much-needed relief. Perfect for all staged of pregnancy and beyond.

The perfect size is waiting for you

At Cake we recognise that some women either via medical advice or the advice of their loved ones have been told not to wear a wire bra. Even though the Cake Lingerie wires are made from a flexible alloy & are wide set to avoid contact with the breast tissue, we recommend choosing a Non wire nursing bra that you are comfortable with.

What you need to know about non-wire bras
It is important to note that a non wire nursing bra will not sit flush again the chest wall & provided the breast is mostly encompassed into the cups, it is OK. The bottom line is there is no wire to hold the frame of the bra against the chest wall. What a non-wire nursing bra looses in shape, support and overall structure (when compared to a wire nursing bra) it will make up for in comfort. With cotton lined cups, cotton lined straps, 6 hooks and eyes and a fabric channel the Cake non-wire nursing bras are expertly made to closely emulate the shape, support & structure of a wire nursing bra.

Features and benefits
Non wire nursing bras can be that little higher in the centre front to avoid the centre from collapsing leading to spillage of the bust. The straps tend to be more centrally aligned (an inverse V) to ensure the cups are help up and supported via the band and straps. Non wire bras tend to offer a more traditional shape.

The Cake non wire nursing bras are also be known to be worn as mastectomy bras. Whilst we must re-iterate that it wasn’t designed for the same, several bra fitters are known to make small adjustments to them & use the bottom side sling to hold the prosthesis in place.