At around six weeks postpartum, your milk supply should regulate, stabilising your breast size in the process making bra sizing much simpler. You're now able to wear all of your favourite breastfeeding bras and nursing must-haves from flexi-wire to wire-free and contour.

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As you embark upon your breastfeeding journey, working alongside bub to find your groove, remember that every journey is as unique as every bub. Finding the right breastfeeding bras to support you on that journey can help tremendously to keep you comfortable, leak-free and make nursing a breeze with easy-clip dropdown cups. 

Recommended Breastfeeding Bras
Like any new mum, you might experience engorgement or mastitis, nipple pain, let-down tingling or breast leakage, all of which are completely normal. But wearing a breastfeeding bra that fits correctly will make the world of difference by giving you sufficient support, relief and comfort all day long. So, in these early weeks of breastfeeding up until 8 weeks, we recommend seamless, wire-free bras purely for comfort and to give your breasts room to grow and change as they fluctuate between feeds.

Once you reach the 8-week mark and your breast size has stabilized, you're free to jump back into your favourite flexi-wire or wire-free nursing bras. There are no rules, it's all up to you and what you're comfortable wearing. We wish you all the best on your magical breastfeeding journey.