Nursing Sports Bras

nursing sports bras

Our range of nursing sports bras are a must for active mamas who are constantly on-the-go and breastfeeding. Made to support and limit bounce without compression, so you can easily feed bub on the move, while your breasts stay in place.

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Nursing Sports Bras

Features & Benefits
If you’re an active person, a well fitting and supportive nursing sports bra and sports maternity bra is a must. At Cake, we have bras that range from low impact all the way up to high impact support, for everything from yoga to running.

Our nursing sports bras provide support and bounce control without any restriction, and the addition of moisture-wicking material and optional hands-free pumping access make them the most versatile bras on the market. So whether you’re a flexi-wire, seamless or wire-free kind of mama, we have you covered.

When to Wear Nursing Sports Bras
If you led an active lifestyle prior to becoming pregnant, it’s important to keep the momentum going throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. Our range of sports maternity and nursing bras are perfect for every stage of pregnancy and beyond, with the addition of breastfeeding functionality.