Bringing a new life into the world is hard work and every mama, expectant or otherwise, deserves to be pampered. Explore our thoughtful range of gifts perfect for pregnancy, birth + postpartum, breastfeeding and beyond. Plus we’ve got gifts for bubs too!

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Look no further for that perfect gift for a new or soon to be mum. Our speciality gifts are all sourced from female & mama-owned brands that we love, with products covering pregnancy to postpartum, breastfeeding and beyond. From Bare Mum’s natural and revolutionary postpartum care to Love Tea’s thoughtfully crafted Certified Organic Teas, we’ve got something she’ll love. We offer a range of easy-size nursing bras that provide all-day comfort, postpartum care products like Perineal Foam to assist with birth recovery, naturopathic tea blends to bring harmony to her journey as well as gifts for bubs too. 

So whether she’s in that first trimester, breastfeeding, pumping or just looking for a little self-care, you’ll find the perfect gift that shows just how much you care.