Maternity Outerwear

maternity and postpartum outerwear

Our range of maternity and postpartum outerwear features something for every mama and mama-to-be. From flowy cardigans and nursing ponchos to stylish denim jackets, we’ve got all your maternity outerwear needs covered.

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Maternity Outerwear

Our range of versatile maternity outerwear is sure to become your go-to, whether you're lounging around the house or heading out. Wear these during pregnancy to keep you and your bump warm, or as a cover up to discreetly breastfeed while out and about. 

Made from a super soft bamboo viscose fabric that morphs with your ever-changing body, they’re perfect for wear throughout pregnancy and beyond. Wear these maternity outerwear over any outfit to cover your bump or add warmth or simply nurse on the go, without compromising on style or comfort.