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Funny Things Only Pregnant Women Will Understand

With pregnancy comes change both physically and mentally! It is easy to get caught in a rut and to take it all too seriously.

Taking some time to laugh and look at the funny side of pregnancy helps put things into perspective.

1. You will be blessed with a sudden boob job

pregnancy good and bad news


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2. Food cravings

regret nothing

Source: Stork Guide

3. Shaving becomes almost impossible

pregnancy problem

Source: Community- The Bump

4. You feel like you are losing it when Baby Brain gets a hold of you

forgot everything

Source: Rant NOW

5. You are an emotional wreck

baby is here yet

Source: Pregnancy Humor

6. Waddling becomes you mode of transport


Source: BuzzFeed

7. The toilet becomes your best friend


Source: Pinterest

8. You develop a love for housework

nesting has started

Source: Pinterest

9. You sleep like the ‘Princess and the Pea’

40 mins sleep

Source: Pinterest

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10. You will the pending birth without any consideration of what you are about to experience

how far along

Source: Pinterest

11. You would rather stay at home in front of the TV instead of going out

wait, i'm pregnant

Source: BabyCenter

12. Your favorite outfit is legging



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13. Wind problems

pregnancy is in the air

Source: Jokideo

14. Body parts become furniture

baby bump

Source: Emma’s Diary

15. Constipation

contraction or poop


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