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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mamas & Mamas-To-Be

katie brooker

By Katie Brooker

Feb 11, 2020

Join in with all the heart throbbing festivities this Valentine’s Day and show that special woman in your life just how much you love and appreciate her.

We have come up with a range of gifts for pregnant, brand new and more experienced moms. Whatever her stage of motherhood, treat her with a special gift that says ‘I love you’. That’s what the day is all about, after all.

If you prefer an experience to a gift – we’ve collated a few ideas to help you along the way too. Why not take the time to plan and do something special, so that she knows you’ve been thinking about her (and possibly scheming a bit too).

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to spoil her.

Valentine’s Gifts for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very exciting time for a new mom. Growing a child inside can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful for some. Help her to enjoy this time by gifting her with memories, pampering and products that will help her feel loved.

1. Photoshoot

Present her with a photoshoot voucher. She may choose to capture her pregnancy or save it until the birth. Whatever she decides, a photoshoot is a wonderful way to begin recording and capturing memories.

2. Prenatal massage

massage oil
via Christin Hume (Unsplash)

With pregnancy comes aches and pains, and sometimes stress. A prenatal massage is a wonderful gift that will not only feel great but will help to relax and destress her.

3. Maternity pillow

A maternity pillow is a thoughtful gift that can be used long after she is pregnant.

During pregnancy it will help aid in the quality of her sleep. She will also be able to use it once baby is born to provide support baby while breastfeeding.

4. Pamper pack

Create a cute basket full of her favourite beauty products. Bath oils, soaps, moisturizers, hand creams, lip balms, perfume, etc.

5. Heat pack

A beautiful wheat-filled or lavender heat pack will be a welcomed gift to help soothe those pregnancy aches and pains.

Explore our thoughtfully curated collection of mama to be gifts and accessories, designed to support and enrich the pregnancy journey for the special mama-to-be in your life.

Valentines Gifts New Moms

New moms need to feel just as important as when they were pregnant, or better still, before they were pregnant.

This is the special time in her life when everything is about her new baby, so make her feel extra special with a thoughtful gift that is all about her.

1. Photo album

A beautifully bound photo album is a great, thoughtful gift. She will treasure the album for years to come as she adds special memories and documents the growth and development of your child together.

photo album
via Laura Fuhrman (Unsplash)

You could have one professionally made with your digital images, or DIY one with printed images.

2. New linen

bed linen
via Devon Janse Van Rensburg (Unsplash)

All women love new sheets, so why not spoil her with a high thread count Egyptian cotton bed set. With the amount of time she will be in and out of bed nursing your baby, it’s a thoughtful gift that lets her know you’re thinking of her.

3. Lingerie

New moms will love the selection of beautiful nursing bras and panties by Cake Maternity.  The range is huge and will cater for all tastes, budgets and sizes.

truffles nursing bra

If choosing lingerie falls into the too hard basket?  Cake Maternity has gift vouchers available.

4. Shopping

Take her shopping. After nine months of pregnancy, she will be in desperate need of some new clothes that fit. A new wardrobe will put the spring back into her step!

5. Jewelry

A beautifully piece of jewelry is always wonderful to receive. Consider birthstones or the name of your unborn child when selecting a piece that will have lasting meaning.

6. Trinket box

A trinket box is a wonderful idea. She can store and keep safe special little mementoes as your child reaches milestones in their life.

7. Spa voucher

We all love to be pampered! A day at the spa does wonders for the mind and body.

She will feel like a new woman! And look great too.

8. Cleaning service

cleaning service

A cleaning service will go down well. Having a newborn can be overwhelming and exhausting. Not having to worry about household chores will enable her to concentrate on herself and baby.

9. Clothing and diaper service

diaper cleaning service

Should she decide to use cloth, a diaper service is a thoughtful gift. Not having to worry about washing will help to free her up and allow her to take the odd nap when baby is sleeping.

10. Meal delivery service

Healthy, pre-prepared meals delivered to your door makes dinner time easy and fuss free. Perfect for a new mom who is still coming to terms with managing a newborn child.

meal delivery

Better still, you could make them for her for that extra special personal touch that shows you care.

11. Babysitter

Hire a babysitter for the night and treat her to a night she will not forget.

Do something that you haven’t done for a while together and make the memories last a lifetime.

12. Sleepwear

Beautiful, soft, luxurious sleepwear is a treat. Cake Maternity designs wonderful nursing friendly nightwear.

maternity sleepwear

Choose something she would love to wear, rather than something you would love to see her in.

With new moms, comfort wins every time.

Valentine’s Gifts for Moms

A gift is surely not quite enough for the Wonder Woman in your life. Whether they are babies, children or teenagers; she definitely deserves a special gift to make her feel loved and appreciated.

We understand that life is busy and you are too, so if you take the time to make her feel extra special, she will definitely appreciate it.

1. Coffee machine

Every coffee drinker, especially moms, will appreciate their very own coffee machine. Take your time when selecting a machine. Do your research and make sure the machine is suitable for your needs and that it has good reviews.

2. Make her dinner

Simple, but effective. 

Coming home to a home cooked meal will warm her heart.  She will appreciate the time and effort you have put into making her dinner.

3. Help out with the housework

Doing the laundry and emptying the dishwasher are wonderful ways to put a smile on her face without costing you a cent.

It may even set the scene for some couple-time later that evening.

4. Chocolates

We all love chocolates. Indulge her and splurge on a box of handmade chocolates.

handmade chocolates
via Jennifer Pallian (Unsplash)

This special treat is sure to put you in her good books. She may even share them with you.

5. Take her on a picnic

Whether it is a drive, a hike or a bike ride, take her to a secluded spot or somewhere with a view where you can relax and enjoy the hamper that you’ve taken the time to make.

via Britt Gaiser (Unsplash)

Make sure when you get home that you also clean up the picnic as this can be just as much of a treat.

6. Voucher

A voucher to her favorite clothing, shoe or jewelry store will be welcomed. This way she can pick out something herself.

What girl doesn’t love to shop!

7. Flowers

fresh flowers
via Kelly Jean (Unsplash)

An oldie but a goody.  Flowers will win every time. Do your research and find something that is supporting your local industry.

Think outside the square.  Roses are nice, but a beautiful exotic bunch of flowers suggests you have thought about it.

A unique gift for a unique woman.

8. Date night

takeway - date night
via Briana Tozour (Unsplash)

A planned evening out to a nice restaurant and a movie is a lovely way to reconnect and share quality time together.

If going out is out of the budget or you don’t have a babysitter, a simple home cooked meal and a movie on the couch is great too.

9. Weekend away

driving to alps
via Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau (Unsplash)

If a weekend away is within your means, this is sure to be a pleasure.

Surprise her with a planned weekend away without the kids. 

Your relationship will love you!  Quality couple time without the kids will help to remind you why you feel in love with each other all those years ago.

10. A card

valentines card
via Naomi Andrews (Unsplash)

A heartfelt note that says how much you love her will bring a smile to her face. Words are important and we often forget to tell our loved ones just how much they mean to us.

Think carefully about what you write and do not rely solely on the printed message in the card to say how much you love her.

11. Sports watch

A sports watch is a great gift for active and fit conscious mothers. She will be able to monitor her progress and set goals.

12. Designer handbag

designer handbag
via Krzysztof Hepner (Unsplash)

After carrying around a diaper bag for many years, a classic designer handbag would be a welcome treat for mom.

Valentine’s day can be stressful in any relationship, and sometimes forgotten once the kids come along. Drop hints throughout the year to find out what she is lusting after, so you can surprise her with what she really wants on the day. Best of luck dad!

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