Cake Lingerie specialise in designing beautiful underwire nursing bras suitable for both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Product choices range from Contour T-shirt bras, feminine basics to beautiful fashion pieces.


Flexi-wire bras are a great option for fuller figured women and for those women who want a great shape and extra support.



When to wear a flexi-wire nursing bra


It is advisable that you only wear a flexi-wire nursing bra once your breast growth has stabilised. This means we do not recommend wearing a flexi-wire bra during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy or the first 4 weeks post birth as during these times a woman will experience rapid breast growth. Some women can increase up to 3 cup sizes during these periods.


It is our recommendation that you get correctly fitted for your flexi-wire nursing bra. The wire should fit safely around the breast and should not dig into the breast tissue. No discomfort should be felt at any time. 3 to 9 months of pregnancy and around 6 weeks post birth are generally the best times to wear flexi-wire bras as during these times breast growth has stabilised.


A correctly fitted flexible wired bra should feel fantastic. It will give you superior support, great shape and a fabulous profile.

flexi-wire nursing bras

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